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Joseph’s Testimony

Although I was born in a Christian family, l was never personally saved, I did not experience the power of Holy Spirit in my life, the gospel was not fully established in my heart because I was suffering with severe addictions.

“I was supposed to be Dead in my Mothers Womb”

I was supposed to be dead in my mothers womb because there was a great generational curse in my paternal family which caused frequent deaths of all the first born baby’s. There was consistent pattern of deaths to the mother and the baby. For instance, my paternal grand father’s first-born deceased and my father’s sister passed away as well when she conceived. And the list moves on.

There was a great fear in my mother’s heart because she was aware of curse in the family. Now, with that fear haunting her there was several occasions where she was attacked by demonic spirits while she was pregnant with me (In plan to kill the baby).

In couple of months being pregnant with me, my mother visited the church. While she was praying, there was a woman of God who was praying in the spirit. As she saw my mother, she began to prophesy- she said “This is my Son Joseph who I love so much, whom I’m going to use mightily in the days to come”. After she prophesied my mother approached her with curiosity and asked “sister you mentioned the name Joseph, who is this Joseph sister?”. This woman of God doesn’t remember what she said, however the spirit of the lord came upon her and she prophesied again saying sister you will bare a son and you shall call him joseph and the Lord will use your son mightily for his kingdom and glory.

“Sister you will bare a son and you shall call him Joseph and the Lord will use your son mightily for his kingdom and glory.”

Few days later as my father was passing by a church he went inside and made a covenant with the Lord, he said -“Lord if the mother and the child come out perfectly fine, I will dedicate the baby to you.” Few months later, everyone were curiously waiting to see what would happen during the delivery while doctors on one side said it is very critical and it very hard for the baby to survive.

Surprisingly, after few hours the doctor who mentioned the ‘condition is critical’ came out to say, “the baby boy and the mother are perfectly fine.” It is only by the grace of God I came out successfully. The Lord turned this generational curse of consecutive deaths of first born into a blessing. Lord spoke to me – “Joseph I have used to be a curse breaker and not just you but everyone who believes in me they shall see these things”.

Imoved to London, England when I was 7 years old along with my family. When I was a teenager, I began to go in the opposite direction to what God had indented me to do. I was addicted to Rap/ Hip Hop music, which contained strong explicit language, with harsh sexual content. This music was injected in me, which influenced me in a dramatic way and changed the way I thought and overall changed my lifestyle.

I started to act like a rapper, I dressed up rapper, talked like a rapper but it didn’t just stop there.

I suffered from an enslavement at the age of 14 through 18.

One day I attended a Christian Christmas gathering. I usually do not like going to church or meeting but parents forced me and I honored them. Interesting enough I saw a woman and began to have feelings for her. I managed to get her number and I decided to contact her on the 1st of January (few days after I got the number).

So I called her on the first of Jan. To my surprise, she started introducing me to Jesus, she told me about Jesus which I never heard in any church. Something attracted me to listen to her. I lost my self every time I listened to her talk about Jesus. And everyday she would ask me-

Did you read your bible?

Did you pray?

How many chapters did you read?

The passion she had for Jesus seeped into me but a part of me only listened to what she said because I fancied her, so I was doing It hypocritically just to impress her or get close to her and NOT to GOD.

Few months later, I had a dream and in the dream I saw my self in heaven, I was seated in heaven and right in front of me appeared a manly structure. He was walking towards me and I was trying to see His face but His face was 10 times brighter than sun.

I managed to look at his hands and his hands had piercing on them and then I knew that was Jesus Christ. He came closer to me and spoke to me

MY SON JOSEPH, WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I was astonished

I said, “Lord I don’t deserve your compassion, I have done so many destructive things. How could you ask me?”

He asked me again- “MY SON JOSEPH, WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I said “Lord there are so many good Christians in this world who are following you whole heartedly and there are so many men of God who are serving you, why don’t you go and ask them? I don’t even deserve to be a Christian!”

Then the Lord asked me again -“MY SON JOSEPH, WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

Because the Lord asked me thrice so I answered Him and asked for 3 things:

1) Lord I want to love you from the bottom of my heart, (give me a heart that can love you devotedly).

2) Lord I want to give my self to you completely without holding back anything.

3) Lord if I want to do the ministry I want to do the ministry like the Apostle Paul.

After the Lord heard this He said “IT IS DONE, IT IS FINISHED”.

Then I woke up from my dream and for the very first time in my life I knelt down and cried like a baby for one hour. The reason why I cried is because Jesus accepted me regardless of my sinful life. He loved me like I was blameless and sinless.

The 2nd reason why I cried is because the love of Jesus Christ fell on my heart and my rocky stony heart transformed into a heart of flesh.

That day I made a commitment to my self and a Covenant with God. I said  “I will not do the ministry for her or for fame because there are number of ways to make money and to become famous. I don’t want to use ministry as platform to make money or to become famous, I want to make Jesus famous.


And this is how my journey began with me serving the Lord.