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Yojana Reddy Testimony

About Yojana Reddy

Mrs. Yojana Reddy Konki is the chairwoman of the U.K based, Joseph Konki International Ministries. She is an evangelist, worshipper, song-writer and recording artist. She holds a double Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology Specialising in the marriage and family therapy from renowned Pepperdine University Los Angeles, USA.

As a Co-founder she has helped grow Joseph Konki International Ministries (JKIM) through the global evangelism, worship and personal mentorship.

To worshipping God in front of 200 people in one year to now releasing her songs worldwide to over a million people, Yojana Reddy is surely an anointed women of Calibre. She has under her belt to be an only Indian representing Telugu Worship at world class worship concert called Gospel Explosion that took place in London, UK in 2019. Exciting enough, her music is heard in many English radio channels including Starr Radio and is played in many Gospel channels including Rakshana TV, Visions Tv online and more.. To add further, her music is available in all International music platforms connecting people of all nations.


Yojana Reddy was born in Hyderabad, India to a conventional Hindu family with a strict and religious father who believed in no other religion expect Hinduism (a very popular religion in India). She followed his footsteps of worshiping idols and practicing religious rituals for sixteen years of her life.

I chanted mantras and wrote religious scripts to satisfy the idol and gain benefits. Some of them I wrote 1000 times as my dad would recommend and go barefoot to holy lands crossing seven mountains.

However, when she was eleven years old she was strenuously introduced to Christ by hostel guardians during her one year in Wesley Hostel, Secunderabad-India. After which she began to equalize Christianity along with other religions and worshipped Jesus as one of the god’s in this world. Nevertheless, she never shared about what she was introduced to, because her father hated Christianity and considered Christians as low-class people worshipping a poor God.

She continued to worship idols and visit holy lands with her father until she was fifteen. After which, she got admitted in a Christian college for her eleventh grade in India named, St. Francis College for Women taking an oath form her father to not get influenced by Christianity. “My dad feared where I would get converted to a Christian, which would shame him within his family and the society.”

Ironically, during one of the Christian concerts conducted by the college in her first year she was hysterically saved. “I din’t want to attend the concert so I sat down towards the last few rows amidst 1000 people, so I could distract myself with other friends. There were just last few minutes left to the concert conclusion and the pastor was concluding his lines. I don’t know what happened, I began to pay attention. I remember it was just about three minutes of the sermon which I heard. And something happened to me inside that I started crying. I automatically knelt and began to feel the shame by reflecting all the sins I committed. During this course I began to see the vision of a male body in the form of a smoke walking through the concert hall from left to the right. And I thought I was hallucinating because I was emotional! So, I quickly opened my eyes. I was startled to see the same form that was moving in the vision, was the same form that was moving in front of my eyes. And I knew that moment that was not the 100 thousand idols I worshipped, but that was Jesus who is one true God. I knew I would be dead if I told my dad but never feared death after knowing Jesus.”

Aftermath of her encounter with Christ brought her to experience difficult and bitter situations with her father. “I feared my dad to confess my love for Christ and acted like I followed rituals. My dad noticed changes in my behavior while chanting mantras. Failing to visit a temple or practice the evening ritual resulted in awful swearing and battering.”

One the other hand, she was chosen by the pastor to be the lead worshipper in one of the biggest churches in South India. Within few days of her mum (a secret believer of Christ) learning about her daughter’s salvation took Yojana to a church on one Friday evening. Pastor of that Church looked at Yojana and asked what he should pray for. She innocently said, “I don’t know”. Mean while pastor gazed into her eyes and prophesied, “You are anointed. There is power inside of your voice, you will see great things happen as you sing and greater deliverances as you minister. You will travel all around the world and lift His name High! Come to church every Sunday.”

Innocent fifteen-year-old Yojana, did not understand what the prophecy meant.  While her mother was excited about that prophecy, she was concerned, how to get out of the house every Sunday knowing her father is off his work schedule.

“I remember the only place I had out of the two smalls rooms was the bath room. I pretended going to the bathroom and have long showers. I turned the taps on and knelt down for prayer to seek His face.”

Upon attending the first Sunday after the prophecy, Yojana joined the choir by pastor’s command. Pastor looked at her from farther distance and asked her to meet him.  Pastor described how God wants Yojana to lead the worship from the next Sunday. Yojana was not happy about what she heard from him. She barely knew singing, she never learnt formal music nor knows how to lead worship. “I remember going to the stage for the first time, shivering, sweating. I turned off the microphone and began to sing AEIOU(Vowels) so I won’t be heard. Thank God there was a male worship lead that took off the worship well! Haha!

“I remember my pastor calling me on the fourth Sunday to his lounge and telling me, ‘Yojana, you will go through lots of trials and tribulations, lots of persecutions, but until I tell you to get down the stage you will never get down.’ I never understood what tribulations I would have at that young age.

Although sounds wonderful and filmy, the irony is she was confronted by disapproving and judgmental Christians for her beauty and worship during her tenure in the church from the day one. To the point where she was asked to give up the stage and leave the church.”

The call from the church elder sounded like death news to me.”

Although she had great number of people loving and adoring her worship, some of the church elders spoke unpleasant things that broke her down. “I remember few people saying to me, ‘what experience does she have to lead worship to experience Christians like us? And ‘Oh! She is such a drunkard, she attends bars every Saturday and sleeps around, no wonder why she is so light skinned.’’   

Shattered by rejections from her family and the church, she moved to Los Angeles, America where she experienced new hope and new life.

I began to live my life again”.

Having a ‘never give up attitude’ she began to produce her songs and publish them on worldwide platforms like YouTube, i-tunes and Amazon. Apart from releasing video singles, she travels worldwide evangelizing, preaching and worshipping at concerts, churches, crusades and even to mentoring the single individual. She has the privilege of ministering in the World Vision head office, California-USA in 2017.

To conclude, she magically married London based young evangelist, Mr. Joseph Raj Konki on Feb 07, 2018 in India glorifying Jesus amidst of thousands of people. On her fairytale wedding, not only her father who hated Christianity walked the isle with her but also stood still to see his daughter worship God in her wedding. Today the young couple for God, go around the world ministering great things boldly and truly fulfilling the promise of God in their lives.

“If I wasn’t kicked out of the church, I would have not been where I am today.”